Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Orly Christmas Holiday Soiree 2011

Orly's 2011 Christmas collection was delivered last Friday and I have just got round to doing the swatches and images. The collection is called Holiday Soiree and has a french theme each polish comes with a cute mini file.

I had to translate 2 of the names  Androgynie which means unisex ( which I already knew but thought it must have a differnet meaning in frech as it is an odd name )  and Ingenue which means innocent.   

Here is a list of the collection:

Androgynie: a quite sheer black with glitters and mini hexagon chunks. Au Champagne: pearly champagne
Ingenue: magenta with gold glitter that’s on the sheer side.
Le Chateux: intense petrol green
Ma Cherie: a creamy and sexy red
Oui: deep purple with gold glitters that provides a quite sheer coverage

My favourite colours in this collection are Oui and Androgynie. Although  think Androgyie is a dupe of  Topshops Gypsy Night. I will do a comparison when I get chance.

Which colours will you be buying?

Orly Polish is available from http://www.idealhairandbeauty.com

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Notd - Nubar Chic Collection

When I was shown images of the Nubar Chic collection back in July I was not blown away they all looked very safe colours and I expected a snoozefest. It is also hard to imagine winter colours when your surrounded by summer neons and pastels. But when I saw the polishes in real life I was pleasantly surprised. My favourite colour in the collection is definitely Elegant Indigo its a dark blue with purple/blue micro glitters!! Imagine Purple Rain but better. I also love the creamy teal of Stylish Peacock. The only colour that I would not want myself is the Beguiling Carmine, red is not a polish colour I crave and it doesn't really suit my skin tone  On a whole it's is a really nice rich and creamy collection and I think "Chic" is an apdt name for it. Here is the press release discription:

"This season Nubar brings you eight new and enticing, fashion forward colors of our premium carcinogen and cruelty free lacquer with the Polished Chic Collection. Offering contemporary colors perfect for work, casual daytime wear or even a night out, every woman can look to Nubar's Polished Chic Collection to update her look. "
Nubar Chic Collection

Always free of DBP (phthlate), formaldehyde and toluene, the nail lacquers included in Nubar's Polished Chic Collection are (from left to right):
  • Beguiling Carmine: a brick red creme.
  • Elegant Indigo: a sparkling, blackened blue.
  • Vogue Vert: a contemporary, light green creme.
  • Stylish Peacock: a perfect teal creme.
  • Edgy Umber: a deep brown creme.
  • Mod Aqua: a light turquoise creme
  • Classic Camel: an updated buff creme.
  • Faded Putty: a modern, pale putty creme.
What do you think of this collection and which ones will you be buying?

Nubar polishes are available from http://www.idealhairandbeauty.com  or http://www.beautyshed.co.uk xx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Notd - Gelux review with Gelicure & acrylic 3d Nail art

Nail of the Day is a review of Salon Systems new Gel polish Gellux. I already own 3 different brands of Gel polish but as this one is cheaper I thought it would be worth giving it a go. I picked two colours I liked:
Jade (green)
Raspberry Sorbet (pink)
The big difference with the Gellux range is that the base coat and topcoat is in one bottle. This saves money on buying two products, but makes me think a shiny base coat is not a great base coat. I used the Gellux LED lamp and it states it cures in 30sec which to be honest it does not it take 1 and a half minutes at the very least. It applied quite thickly and I had to wipe the brush a lot as the brush seems to carry a lot of product. The pink was nice to apply but the green was another story and took ages to cure. The next day the green bubbled and I had to remove it on both hands. I actually picked it off as it had come loose due to the air bubbles. The Gellux underneath was still sticky and uncured? My co-worker also tested it the same night and she had to replace 4 nails due to bubbling as well. So all in all there seems to be some issues with this product it cannot recomend it as its a bit hit and miss.
After a couples of days I decided to add a bit of nail art and used the White in my trusty Gelicure by Nubar.  I added spots to my nails and sculpted a 3d bow out of white acrylic. I have had it on for a week now and it still looks great :) I am going to remove it tonight so I will update this post with how easy/hard it is to remove. Hope you enjoyed my post xx
Gellux with Gelicure nail art

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Notd - China Glaze Neon nails with Freehand Animal Print Nail Art

Sorry for the long gap between posts, I have had a busy month! Today's Nail of the Day is the nails I did for this years Reading Festival. Its one of the UKs biggest music festivals and I go every year. I decided to go for neon nails so they stood out :).
I started off with Gelicure by Nubar and applied a base colour of white. There are two reasons why I did this one was to make the neons "pop" and the second reason was to make my mani last! As Gelicure lasts for up to three weeks I knew my mani would last the whole weekend of mud!

I then applied the China Glaze Colours, I used:
Pink Voltage
Purple Panic
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Kiwi Cool-Ada
Bahamiam Escape (blue)

I used a latex sponge to "splodge" the polish on in random parts of each nail. I have a little picture of my thumb at this stage.

I then used Orly's instant artist paint in black to apply leopard print and tiger print to alternate nails. Then I finished them off with two coats of topcoat.

I hope you like my nails, here they are at the festival :

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Notd- Cath Kidston style Freehand Nail Art request.

the finished result
Nail of the day was requested by my friend @charleymarley she loves Cath Kidston so when I saw some nail art inspired by  Cath Kidson on all lacquered up,  I had to send her a picture. So then she asked me to do them on her nails. Now I love a challenge so I got out my Nail trainer and gave it a go. I think they have come out really well and I am very proud of them. I used Orlys instant artist acrylic paints and they were easy to work with.

If anyone has any other requests then let me know and I will give it a go, if I can :) 

Friday, 19 August 2011

NOTD - Gelicure - Black with silver glitter & Freehand Nail art.

My Notd is a all out glitz fest! I started of with just a plain black Gelicure mani and I only a day before I had to jazz it up! So I added the silver glitter chunks and sealed with Nubars UV topcoat. The I painted on pink flowers with Orly's instant artist nail paints and highlighted them with white shading and white dots. I then added pink ribbon detailing to my middle finger and simple dots to my ring finger.

On my thumb I went a little mad and used big black gems with a single silver gem.  Now as you can see by the picture, it looks pretty cool, but got on my nerves after about 2 mins! So I had to take it off. So at the moment they are just plain black, so I think I will put some silver crackle glaze on them.  

What nail art are you wearing today?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

NOTD - Nubar Gelicure Blue Hydrangea with glitter

Nail of the day is Blue Hydrangea Gelicure  with glitter nail art. As you may have notice this colour is becoming one of my favorites.  Decided a splash of glitter was needed to make this mani extra special. So I applied the gelicure in the usual way and added Nubar Jewels dust in Electric Magenta to one corner applied the UV topcoat and cured. Then I added glitter slices in sky blue and applied the topcoat.
The overall effect is very pretty but its very fiddly and I think layering the glitter can make the nail a little too thick。

Monday, 1 August 2011

My Blue Nail Polish Swatches

I decided to show you my colour collections and as it was announced that Blue is going to be the Autumn colour of choice it seemed like the best place to start.
Now in my blue collection up to now I have 18 shades.
1, Navy Blue -Nubar
2, Little drummer boy- China Glaze 
3, No name -China Glaze
Navy Blue, Little Drummer Boy, No Name

4, Indian Ocean - China Glaze

5, Meteor Shower - China Glaze 
6, Blk Bila Bong - China Glaze

Indian Ocean, Meteor Shower,Blk Bila Bong

7, Drinkin' My Blues Away - China Glaze

8, Tempest - China Glaze
9, DV8 - China Glaze
Drinkin my blues away, Tempest, DV8
10, Indigo Illusion - Nubar 

11, Calypso Breeze - Orly
12, Sapphire Silk - Orly

Indigo illusion, Calypso Breeze, Sapphire Silk
13, It's Up to Blue - Orly

14, No Name (Beauty & the beach) China Glaze
15, Aqua Baby -China Glaze
It's Up To Blue, No name(beauty & the beach) Aqua

16, Absolute - Nubar

17, Bohemian Blue - China Glaze
18, For Audrey - China Glaze
Absolute, Bohemian Blue, For Audrey

As you can see there doe seem to be a lot of China Glaze in my Blue collection and to be honest my favorite shade is........

DV8 by China Glaze I love it's super holo finish. It has been discontinued so if you see it snap it up :)
Which is your favorite and how big is your blue collection? Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment.Plus do not forget to enter my giveaway 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Notd - Nubar Gelicure - Maroon with Accent nail and 3d Acrylic Nail Art

Todays Nail of the day is the nail style of the moment "accent nail". This design has been seen on many celebs and many blogsites too.
The idea is to 
paint one nail (usually the ring finger) in either a contrasting colour or a glitter or just a dash of nail art on one finger.I think this is a good idea as sometimes too much nail art can look ott at work. (not my office tho ;) )
also its a timesaver only having to bling up two nails.

Nubar accent nail

I started off by appling two coats of Gelicure by Nubar Maroon to all my nails and curing them under a UV lamp. I then appiled a third coat to my ring finger and dipped it in Nubar Jewels glitter slices in pink, cured it and applied the Gelicure topcoat cured it and filed out all the bumps from the chunky glitter and applied the final UV topcoat.
I then used dark pink acrylic powder to make a little bow and then added a little detail with a rose pink nail art pen.
As you can see from the picture I have trimmed all my nails as I broke the nail on my little finger. But I think this style can be used on any nail length (thankfully!)

For this mani I used the super Nubar nail art jewels they are only £4.20 and are super glittery and come in loads of colours and different glitter sizes from glitter dust to the chunky ones I used. As they are made of high quality glitter the colour does not run when you used them with polish or gel like cheap glitter does.
They are available from http://www.idealhairandbeauty.com and http://www.beautyshed.co.uk in the UK and http://www.bynubar.com in the usa.
So will you be sporting the Accent nail? let me know what you think and which colour combos you have gone for.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

NOTD- Mixed Colour Gradient with stamping nail art.

Nail of the day today is a bit special it is my first attempt at Nail stamping and also colour gradient nails . To start I applied my favourite base coat at the moment - Nubar Foundation base coat. Then two coats of Aqua baby by China Glaze. Aqua baby is a strong blue colour, but I did find that it was a little gloopy as I have noticed in most of the China Glaze blue colours.
I then sponged on some Beauty and the beach by China Glaze using a latex make up sponge. I applied this to half of the nail to give it a nice teal shimmer.

I then did the same with Nubars Absolute which is a sparkle/holo blue. This time I only added it to a third of the nail. Then I used the super Holo OMG by China Glaze to add a silver shimmer to the tips of the nails.
I then sealed it with Diamont Seal and shine topcoat by Nubar. Finally I used a Konad White stamping paint and a non Konad stamp to apply flowers just to the first finger and the ring finger. I could have gone mad and applied them to all the nails but I wanted to keep them a little subdued as I have my brothers wedding to go to on Saturday and wedding photos last almost a lifetime :) .

Aqua Baby is not a current colour in the China Glaze collection but there are some very similar colours such as "towel boy toyboy" and OMG is also a discontinued but very sort after colour so if you spot it snap it up!

China Glaze is available from http://www.idealhairandbeauty.com for £4.47 a bottle.
Konad stamps and nail stamping plates are available for various prices on ebay and are very easy to use :)
Nubar products are available from www.thebeautyshed.com and http://www.idealhairandbeauty.com

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Pamper Proof Amazing UK Giveaway!!!

So this will be the first giveaway I have hosted so I have decided to make it a Bumper Big Super, Smashing, Great giveaway!

The first Giveaway will be summer themed and it will include everything you need to get ready for the summer sun :)
The giveaway includes:

Wella Lifetex Sun Hair and Body Shampoo.

This moisturising shampoo protects your hair from the negative influences of the sun, sea and chlorinated water. Lifetex Sun Hair and Body shampoo contains a complex of nutrients giving your sun-stressed hair and body sufficient moisture whilst gently cleansing your hair.

Wella Lifetex Sun Colour Preserve Cream 150ml

Wella Lifetex Sun Colour Preserve Cream with UV protection will protect your hair against colour fade caused by sun exposure, sea and chlorinated water. Shine is enhanced while the intensity of coloured hair is protected for longer.

Wella Lifetex Sun Shimmer Splash
Wella Lifetex Sun Shimmer Splash is water resistant and has a SPF of 15. With its sun protection complex of nutrients plus macadamia nut oil, your hair and body will be fully nourished and protected from drying out.

Salon System Boholash Vintage
Whether your inspiration's 60s psychedelia or Glastonbury festival chic, now you can give eyes the Boho look with these reusable strip lashes from Salon System.

Australian Gold Moisture Lock After Sun Moisturiser with Tan Extender

For after the sunny days slap this on, because cared-for and hydrated skin stays tanned longer! The Australian Gold Moisture Lock products with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E prevent your skin from drying out or feeling stiff. Moisture Lock  Forever Glowing with Shea Butter immediately gives the skin a more intense tan and a healthy, radiant glow.

Mavala Volcanic Orange Nail Polish            
This polish will look great with your tan and last all your holiday week.
Mavala Volcanic Orange nail polish is hard wearing, long lasting and provides an even, professional glossy finish.

Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara
Another fantastic mascara from Maybelline New York, DEFINE-A-LASH instantly lengthens the appearance of lashes, and the flexibility of the brush is great for reaching each individual lash. This mascara is perfect for giving instant definition without any clumping. Separating the lashes so that they can look sexy and sophisticated. Stop panda eyes with this waterproof formula, for when your in the pool or at a foam party!

How to enter:
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Closing date is 12th August @ 12noon

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Notd -Nubar Gelicure blue hydrangea plus Orly Instant nail artist nail art.

Today's Nail of the day is part 2 of my previous post : Wah Nails style leopard print.
I started off with a base of Nubars Gelicure Blue Hydrangea. I then used the new orly instant nail artist acrylic nail paints and a dotter to add splotches to the nail.Then again using the dotting tool I drew unconnected semi circles around the dots, plus a few commas and dashes.

On the thumb and ring finger I applied geliure in 3 colours and used a pin to drag the colours to create a colour fade. I have this handy diagram which hopefully explains how I achieved this :
3 colour gel polish fade

Gelicure nail art

I finished it off with some tiger strips with Orly's instant artist nail art paints. I am really beginning to love these water base acrylic paints.

Orly Instant artist pens are available from http://www.idealhairandbeauty.com

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New China Glaze Crackle Metals Collection.

Set your summer style to “sizzle” with China Glaze’s new Crackle Glaze Metals collection. 
With the pioneering crackle technology, China Glaze takes the beauty phenomenon to the next level with this second-generation polish that pairs the edgy innovation of crackle with the elegant beauty of metals.

  Create dramatically different looks with just one sweep of China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals. Layer over different base colors to create bold styles. 
Use a lighter coat to create a fine crackle, a thicker coat for a deep shatter effect. 
The China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals collection features six, limited edition sparkling metallic colors including:

  • Cracked Medallion Bold bronze

  • Haute Metal Pale pink

  • Latticed Lilac Soft lavender

  • Oxidized Aqua Deep aquamarine blue

  • Platinum Pieces Shimmering silver

  • Tarnished Gold Warm, honeyed hue

  • Wednesday, 22 June 2011

    Notd -Nubar Gelicure blue hydrangea plus Wah nail style nail art.

    Today's quick Nail of the day is a Wah Nails style leopard print.
    I started off with a base of Nubars Gelicure Blue Hydrangea. I then used the new orly instant nail artist acrylic nail paints and a dotter to add splotches to the nail.Then again using the dotting tool I drew unconnected semi circles around the dots, plus a few commas and dashes.

    I finally added a top coat.
    As it was my first go at this style I only did my thumb and in a moment of madness I did it to my right thumb, so I had to do the art with my weak left hand. Saying that I think it came out great and when I get 10 minutes I am going to do my other nails :)

    Orly Instant Artist Nail Stripers are available from www.idealhairandbeauty.com for £3.18 plus p+p