Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Notd - Nubar Gelicure - Maroon with Accent nail and 3d Acrylic Nail Art

Todays Nail of the day is the nail style of the moment "accent nail". This design has been seen on many celebs and many blogsites too.
The idea is to 
paint one nail (usually the ring finger) in either a contrasting colour or a glitter or just a dash of nail art on one finger.I think this is a good idea as sometimes too much nail art can look ott at work. (not my office tho ;) )
also its a timesaver only having to bling up two nails.

Nubar accent nail

I started off by appling two coats of Gelicure by Nubar Maroon to all my nails and curing them under a UV lamp. I then appiled a third coat to my ring finger and dipped it in Nubar Jewels glitter slices in pink, cured it and applied the Gelicure topcoat cured it and filed out all the bumps from the chunky glitter and applied the final UV topcoat.
I then used dark pink acrylic powder to make a little bow and then added a little detail with a rose pink nail art pen.
As you can see from the picture I have trimmed all my nails as I broke the nail on my little finger. But I think this style can be used on any nail length (thankfully!)

For this mani I used the super Nubar nail art jewels they are only £4.20 and are super glittery and come in loads of colours and different glitter sizes from glitter dust to the chunky ones I used. As they are made of high quality glitter the colour does not run when you used them with polish or gel like cheap glitter does.
They are available from and in the UK and in the usa.
So will you be sporting the Accent nail? let me know what you think and which colour combos you have gone for.

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