Friday, 4 February 2011

Gelicure Hybrid Gel Polish Review

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I recently got the opportunity to sample Nubar's new Hybrid Gel Polish - Gelicure.  It has only just been shipped into the country so I was a very lucky girl. Gelicure currently comes in 24 varied colours from the neon Hot Pink to the classic pillar box red Vampire Red.  It can be used on natural nails and nail extensions  and also can be used for long lasting nail art.

So the application was very simple and very similar to the Gelac.
To begin with the nails are prepped and primed then the Gelicure basecoat  is thinly applied and cured for 2 minutes. The the Gelicure colour is applied in two coats and each is cured for 2 minutes. I got to choose my own colour this time and I went for Aubergine. Aubergine is a dark purple with mirco blue glitter flakes which gives it a nice shimmer.

Aubergine Gelicure 1 week later.
The Gelicure system is finished off with a high shine top coat which is also cured for just 2 minutes.

The application of the Gelicure was quite simple and the colour was very rich. I had been wearing it for 9 days and I have had a few compliments on the colour and it did not chip or scratch unlike the Gelac.

I had to remove the Gelicure as I was going out in fancy dress and wanted gold nails to go with my costume.
The removal was easy I wrap an acetone soaked pad around my nails and wrapped in foil and left to process for 10 mins.

After 10 minutes I removed the foil and the Gelicure had lifted clean off the nail leaving no residue. The condition of my nails were the same as when I applied it. I was a bit worried they may have weakened the way they do after false nails but they were fine.

Overall I would say I prefer the Gelicure system to the Gelac, as it has a shorter cure time and went for longer without chipping. The choice of colours are great and they do intend to bring out another 24 very soon! I do love how they are dry instantly and it takes away the worry of pesky smudges.
But I know I'm a sucker for a pretty colour, so don't fear I will not turn my back on standard nail polishes and I will continue to review as much as I can x

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