Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Notd - Gelux review with Gelicure & acrylic 3d Nail art

Nail of the Day is a review of Salon Systems new Gel polish Gellux. I already own 3 different brands of Gel polish but as this one is cheaper I thought it would be worth giving it a go. I picked two colours I liked:
Jade (green)
Raspberry Sorbet (pink)
The big difference with the Gellux range is that the base coat and topcoat is in one bottle. This saves money on buying two products, but makes me think a shiny base coat is not a great base coat. I used the Gellux LED lamp and it states it cures in 30sec which to be honest it does not it take 1 and a half minutes at the very least. It applied quite thickly and I had to wipe the brush a lot as the brush seems to carry a lot of product. The pink was nice to apply but the green was another story and took ages to cure. The next day the green bubbled and I had to remove it on both hands. I actually picked it off as it had come loose due to the air bubbles. The Gellux underneath was still sticky and uncured? My co-worker also tested it the same night and she had to replace 4 nails due to bubbling as well. So all in all there seems to be some issues with this product it cannot recomend it as its a bit hit and miss.
After a couples of days I decided to add a bit of nail art and used the White in my trusty Gelicure by Nubar.  I added spots to my nails and sculpted a 3d bow out of white acrylic. I have had it on for a week now and it still looks great :) I am going to remove it tonight so I will update this post with how easy/hard it is to remove. Hope you enjoyed my post xx
Gellux with Gelicure nail art

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Notd - China Glaze Neon nails with Freehand Animal Print Nail Art

Sorry for the long gap between posts, I have had a busy month! Today's Nail of the Day is the nails I did for this years Reading Festival. Its one of the UKs biggest music festivals and I go every year. I decided to go for neon nails so they stood out :).
I started off with Gelicure by Nubar and applied a base colour of white. There are two reasons why I did this one was to make the neons "pop" and the second reason was to make my mani last! As Gelicure lasts for up to three weeks I knew my mani would last the whole weekend of mud!

I then applied the China Glaze Colours, I used:
Pink Voltage
Purple Panic
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Kiwi Cool-Ada
Bahamiam Escape (blue)

I used a latex sponge to "splodge" the polish on in random parts of each nail. I have a little picture of my thumb at this stage.

I then used Orly's instant artist paint in black to apply leopard print and tiger print to alternate nails. Then I finished them off with two coats of topcoat.

I hope you like my nails, here they are at the festival :