Monday, 21 February 2011

NotD Trendy Nail Wrap - Dark Knight

Trendy Nail Wraps - Dark Knight
Todays nail of the day is from the archives and they are my nails from my works christmas party.
I applied a set of Trendy Nail Wraps, which are an adhesive foil that shrinks with heat to your nail. They last around 2 weeks.  As they are a foil they have a chrome/mirror finish which catch the light and really catch peoples eyes. Trendy nail wraps also come in "pro cut" style which are used during the application of false nails for exciting nail tips.

I have used a lot of trendy nail wraps and they do last, but if you do leave them on for for the whole two weeks they seem to make your nails a little thin. To avoid this I usually just wear them for a night out and then for a couple of days after.

Trendy nails are available from for £5.49 inc p&p

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