Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm Pot

I love Carmex!! I have a pot on my desk, a pot in my bag and an emergency tube in my weekend bag. It is one of my must have "hero products".

Hero products are products you can always rely on and when you run out you will buy it again.

Not only does Carmex make your lips soft you can also use it as an emergency sunscreen (like I did at a festival to save my nose and cheeks) It also has antiseptic properties so any spots or cold sores (yuck!) Can be treated straight away.

Carmex currently comes in
Original - which has a menthol smell to it and gives a slight tingly feel to your lips when you apply it. (please note original is not an spf )
Cherry - My fave which has a yummy cherry smell and flavour.
Mint - Which is minty and also tingly.
Strawberry- Really lush sweetie smell of strawberry.

I would recommend Carmex to anyone! It really softens my lips and if they are very dry it definitely soothes them.

Carmex is available online at for £2.50 plus p&p or Topshop £3.00 p&p and £1.56 plus p&p

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  1. Cannot live without Carmex, it's a handbag hero for me too :)