Saturday, 12 February 2011

Notd: Nubar - Knight's Armor

Knights Armor

Yesterday  I painted my nails pink for valentines with the idea of doing some nice nail art but I had forgotten that I left my red and white nail paints at my friends last Saturday. So it was a bit of a failure! Plan B is to paint my nails for the My chemical Romance concert I'm going to tomorrow. My first idea was just plain black but when I saw the Nubar colour Knight's Armor I knew it was a winner.

As you can see it is a black paint crammed with silver glitter, it takes two coats and the end effect is very glam rock.  

Bye bye long nails
p.s you may notice the nail on my little finger is tiny :( I had a major breakage so have had to trim all my nails. So short nails are in - until they grow back.

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