Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fish Pedicure Treatment Review 's feet © Simon Wicks
  Ever since I heard about the Fish Pedicure treatment I have wanted one. Whilst talking to a customer I found out that a local salon, Strands, was offering a "Bring a Friend for FREE" promotion. It was an opportunity not to be missed. So on Saturday my friend and I had a date with 190 black garra rufa fish.

The idea behind it actually comes from Turkey, even though most people think it is a tradition started in China or Japan. In Turkey the fish live in large outdoor pools at Turkish spas and are used after Turkish baths.

So we arrived at Strands and we were taken upstairs to their beauty area. They offer nail extensions, spray tans and upright sunbeds. We then sat down in some very big and very comfy leather chairs and instructed to remove our shoes and socks. The beauty therapist whose name I cannot remember (sorry!) then used hot towels to cleanse our feet. The tank was a very large rectangle shape with a padded bench over it. We then had to climb on to a padded bench via a little padded box and dangle our feet into the tank.

one of our pictures!

 To begin with it felt like being tickled by tiny little people, but about 2 minutes I started to relax and it then felt like fizzy bubbles or tiny little vibrations. The fish do not all swarm instantly to your feet they they seem to just slowly appear to grow in numbers and if you keep still and don't disturb them they do group quicker. We had 30 minutes in the tank and whilst the fish were doing their work we were offered a cup of tea or coffee. Sitting still for half an hour my not sound great, but with the fizzy fish sensation and the trickling water sounds it is a nice relaxing experience. We tried to take some photos of the treatment, but as we could only take the pictures from above they came out a bit distorted. 
When our time was up the therapist dried off our feet and after moving back to the comfortable chairs massaged in an Aveda foot butter into our feet and lower legs.  

Overall it was a really unusual experience which I would do as a treat again. My friend has already booked in for a second appointment as she enjoyed it that much. Now I must say I did not really have any issues with my feet before I had the pedicure so I cannot say how much dead skin the fish removed, but my feet did feel smoother after the treatment. I would recommend it to anyone except really squeamish people.

as I said I had my treatment at :
3 Clover Way
PE11 3GD
United Kingdom
They are offering Bring a friend for FREE until the end of February 2011 and the treatment costs £20.

If you are not near the beautiful market town of Spalding then you could always try looking on they are a brilliant site that offer deals and discount vouchers on hair and beauty treatments across the UK.

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