Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tigi Urban Antidotes

      In Jan 2009 Tigi was bought out by Unilever and instantly the rumours went round that Tigi would be put in supermarkets and Boots. A year has gone by and none of this has happened (yet!) What has happened is a big rebrand of their Bed Head & Catwalk range.

      Its seems gone are the days of unusual product names such as Moisture Maniac, Control Freak and Self Absorb. They are to be replaced with the more mature Urban Antidotes.
      The Urban Antidotes comes in 3 strengths; Re-energise, Recovery & Resurrection. Re-energise is for normal hair, it helps boost shine and strength. Recovery is for dry damaged hair, that needs a moisture kick and Ressurection is for really dry, brittle hair that needs saving! As with all of the new Tigi lines they are sulphate free and will not fade your colour.
  I decided that although my hair is bleached and highlighted regulary it is not yet suffering level 3 damage, so I have opted to test Urban Antidotes level 2 Recovery. The shampoo itself is very thick and smells of sweets, you only need a 10p size blob to get a really rich and creamy lather. The retail size bottle is 250ml so it will last a long time. The conditioner has the same smell and is a more creamy consistancy but you also do not need a lot of it to smooth through the hair. I always leave conditioner on for 2-3mins before rinsing to let it infuse the hair. As soon as I started to rinse the hair I could feel how silky and detangled my hair was, it also felt thicker and stronger. After blow drying my hair it was shiney and healthy looking and I was really impressed with the results. I would recommend the range and I was tempted to get some Level 3 Ressurection conditioner to maybe use as a weekly booster treatment, but as it seems to work so well I won't need it!
 Urban Antidotes comes in retail (shampoo 250ml & conditioner 200ml) and also in Value 750ml size.
Urban Antidotes Shampoo 250ml £5.76 (inc vat)
Urban Antidotes Conditioner 200ml £6.30(inc vat)
Tween 750ml Shampoo & Condtioner Duo Packs £16.80 (inc vat)

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