Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ibd Gelac - 14 day Manicure

So one of the most innovative products to hit the Nail market in 2010 is the hybrid gel polish. It is a UV gel polish which is applied like a normal polish, but is cured under a UV lamp, making it smudge proof, chip proof and lasts over 14 days! Nearly every brand has brought out there own version and today I am going to try IBD's Gelac.

It was quite a long process :
  • Clean and prep nails
  • Use ibd dehydrate
  • Apply Gelac base coat cure for 1 min
  • Apply Gelec cure for 2 min
  • Apply 2nd coat, cure for 2mins
  • Apply Gelac topcoat and cure for two mins
  • Use uv wipe off to remove sticky film and finally finished.
The whole process took less than and hour and to be honest when you have it done at a salon it would be much less, as the nail tech can apply to one hand whilst the other is in the lamp.

As this was a sample kit that I was sent I did not get to choose the colour and they sent me a dark burgandy red called Rich Raisin. It is not really a colour I would choose myself but it is acceptable. The high shine finish on the nails is pretty amazing and is nothing you would get from a standard topcoat. Also as soon as the polish is cured it is instantly dry so no smudging! I can't count the number of times I have perfectly painted my nails only to smudge it 3 mins later when I thought t was dry.
So overall it was easy to apply and gives a great finish, brilliant! Now it all depends on how long it lasts?

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