Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Notd- Orly Gelac Haute Pink and TOWIE nail art

The nail of the day today is a bit of a special one. On Friday we had a customer in asking about a nail wrap just like Amy Childs from the TV show The Only Way is Essex. After doing some googleing we found the nails in question and notice it was not a nail wrap, but it was freehand nail art and 3d acrylic bows. Now I'm not one for taking fashion tips off TOWIE girls but I do like a challenge. I decided to give it a go. I have to confess this is my first attempt at doing any 3d acrylic designs. 

link to Amy's nails x

So to begin with I painted my nail and nail tips with Orly's Gelac. The Gelac process took me about an hour. Then I had some pizza ( it was a Friday treat!). I then thought it would be best to practice some 3d bows. After two practices I went for it and applied six 3d bows to my nails. Doing my right hand with my left was a challenge, but I think they turned out ok. That process took me about an hour as well. Then I added the dots which took about 10 minutes. Finally a top coat was applied and I was finished. 

Yes it was a challenge, but I think it was worth the effort and they have now inspired me to do more 3d designs. So I am going to be watching a lot of youtube videos on how to do different shapes. Keep your eyes open for the results. 

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